Touchless Tax Processing

Touchless Tax Processing – In being mindful of the current situation, we have been proactive in finding solutions to best serve our clients. We want to make sure every client feels secure and safe.

Most clients do not require a meeting. To save you time, all documents may be sent to us four ways:

  • Upload through ShareFile – through this secured portal, documents uploaded by you stay accessible in your portal account for future use. Files the accountants put in your folder can be viewed and downloaded. The portal is a secured way to share and store important files. If you do not have a ShareFile account, contact Michele at (585)-292-1041 or
  • File Drop – click on the name below and upload your files quickly for a one-time transfer to a specific accountant.
  • Drop off – We have set up a secured lockbox outside of our office door. This can be accessed whenever the building is open (Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 4:30pm and Friday 8:00am – 12noon). Place documents in the envelopes provided, write your name on it and drop in the bin. Staff is checking the box several times during business hours. Be sure to keep a copy to have on hand.
  • Mail – As with dropping off, be sure to keep a copy to have on hand.
  • Once we receive your documents, your tax return file is added to the preparation queue to await its turn. This may take up to two weeks especially as it gets closer to the tax deadline. We will process your tax file and prepare your return, then contact you when it’s ready for your review.
  • After your approval, you will receive the E-File forms for signature two ways:
    • RightSignature – this allows you to sign electronically from your computer or smart phone.
    • Mail – we will mail out you the E-file forms with return envelopes.
  • Once we receive the signed E-File forms, your return will be placed in the queue to be filed.
  • After the IRS accepts your E-Filed tax return, you can receive a copy three different ways:
    • ShareFile, Email, or Mail – We will upload/send the final copy of your return along with any other applicable forms that require additional action along with instruction. Please let us know which method you prefer.

Invoices may be paid using the secured link or if you feel more comfortable, call us and we will take payment over the phone.